Job Application

The applicant is asked to complete this employment form in full to the best of their ability.

A personal Interview or phone interview will not be arranged unless this form has been completed and received by the Manager prior to the interview date.


If you are unable to provide information, please type 'Unable to provide information.'

You are required to provide at least 2 full previous employment references.

I declare the information in this application to be true and correct. I understand that any deliberate or misleading statements may lead to my dismissal, if employed.

Sutherland & Runnymede

Managed by Ardie and Kacie Lord based at Sutherland

Ardie: (07) 47 418 748 | Mob: 0428 418 676
Kacie: (07) 47 418 676 | Mob: 0427 104 157

Woodstock, East Creek & Newwater Stations

Managed by Nikko and Jade Lord based at Woodstock

Nikko: Mob: 0428 356 297 | Office (07) 47 418 648
Jade: Mob: 0428 137 842

Camroo Downs

Managed by Kim & Mellissa Iland based at Bayrick

Kim: Mob: 0429008934 | Office (07) 46549304
Melissa: Mob: 0428203887

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