The Lord Pastoral Vision


Our family is a loving, thoughtful group of individuals bound by an open, honest and respectful level of communication. Our conversations provide for ongoing growth, support and integrity. With this bond we are able to grow and to strive to a higher level of excellence, allowing us to live a fun, healthy and productive life.


We work in partnership with people of integrity and similar values to build successful synergies for the business and people.


We provide a caring and encouraging environment to allow team members to thrive on their individual strengths whilst providing the necessary learning to allow them to grow and increase their responsibilities and skills. Commitment and respect to each other, the land and the animals is paramount for achieving a productive and enjoyable workplace for all.


Our passion for what we do allows us to run a profitable business. Our business provides time and financial freedom to choose. We love to work in and on our business and we are proud of our achievements and inspired by our future potential.


As custodians we run a very profitable business in balance and harmony with our land and animals.


The success of our business allows us to give more than we take from the community.

Sutherland & Runnymede

Managed by Nikko and Jade Lord based at Sutherland

Nikko: Mob: 0428 356 297
Jade: Mob: 0428 137 842
Office (07) 47 418 676

Woodstock, East Creek & New water Stations

Managed by Sam McGrath based at Woodstock

Office (07) 47 418 648

Camroo Downs

Managed by Kim & Mellissa Iland based at Bayrick

Kim: Mob: 0429008934
Melissa: Mob: 0428203887
Office (07) 46549304


Managed by Linda Penna

Linda: Mob: 0427 510 430

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