Hear from the people who've stayed here

Luke Chalker

Cowra, NSW. 2016-17

Laura Chapman

UK - 2011 Summer Season

I arrived at Sutherland with an open mind, ready and willing to experience life on a rural Cattle Station.

My role as a domestic was mentally and physically challenging, but this made my experience interesting and extremely fulfilling. The experiences and lessons that I have learnt whilst living on a remote property have been ones that have changed me as a person, for the better.

My highlights were looking after the dogs, (Bear, Casper, Zap and Molly being my favourites!), experiencing the wildlife, (snakes, spiders, geckos and goannas to name a few), and being able to participate in the mustering and drafting of cattle.

The weekends were filled with water skiing, swimming in the creek, relaxing and having fun. Kacie, Ardie and Nikko are friendly people, who made me feel at home and part of their family. They have a lovely house with beautiful, well-kept gardens, surrounded by paddocks, fields, friendly animals and perfect sunshine!

It was refreshing to be away from the hustle and bustle of the City, which allowed me to relax and discover which direction I wanted to head in when I returned to the UK. Thank you for allowing me the experience and opportunity to work for you.

Goodbye for now, one day, I'll be back!

Julia Oksanen

Sutherland Station 9/72019 - 23/10/19

I worked at Sutherland as a domestic for 3,5 months and it truly was an extraordinary experience. It was amazing to work with people who have been in the business for so long. Even though I mostly worked on the inside I still got the opportunity to see and learn plenty about the outback and how things work there. Working in the outback definitely has challenges I haven’t experienced before but I felt safe and my work was appreciated which was very motivating.

During my employment I met some amazing people and experienced moments I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Sutherland & Runnymede

Managed by Nikko and Jade Lord based at Sutherland

Nikko: Mob: 0428 356 297
Jade: Mob: 0428 137 842
Office (07) 47 418 676

Woodstock, East Creek & New water Stations

Managed by Sam McGrath based at Woodstock

Office (07) 47 418 648

Camroo Downs

Managed by Kim & Mellissa Iland based at Bayrick

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Melissa: Mob: 0428203887
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Managed by Linda Penna

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