Sutherland & Woodstock

Sutherland is located 120km North-West & Woodstock is 210km North of Richmond(population 900). The town is run by a very progressive council and consisting of two pubs, two food stores and most basic shops. Most importantly Richmond has a recreational lake used extensively for water skiing by the Sutherland & Woodstock crews. There is also numerous race meets, Richmond Field Days, Rodeos and Campdrafts.

Richmond is 510km west of Townsville and halfway between Darwin and Brisbane.


Camroo is 70km south of Tambo, QLD. Tambo also has a very progressive council. There is all the basic services such as two pubs, grocerie shops, post office etc. There is also the Tambo show, rodeo and campdraft throughout the year.

Tambo is 860km NW of Brisbane and a bloody long way from Perth.

Sutherland & Runnymede

Managed by Ardie and Kacie Lord based at Sutherland

Ardie: (07) 47 418 748 | Mob: 0428 418 676
Kacie: (07) 47 418 676 | Mob: 0427 104 157

Woodstock, East Creek & Newwater Stations

Managed by Nikko and Jade Lord based at Woodstock

Nikko: Mob: 0428 356 297 | Office (07) 47 418 648
Jade: Mob: 0428 137 842

Camroo Downs

Managed by Kim & Mellissa Iland based at Bayrick

Kim: Mob: 0429008934 | Office (07) 46549304
Melissa: Mob: 0428203887

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