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Sutherland - An Overview


Lord Pastoral is owned by Ardie and Kacie Lord and operated as a family business with a strong focus on surrounding ourselves with people who are committed to a career on the land and encouraging in our children, a love of the land and the animals that are a part of our business. Sutherland is the hub of the Lord Pastoral business.

We have 3 children …. Nikko is 33. Zara is 32 and is now a Registered Nurse working at Royal North Shore in Sydney and Alexandra is 30 and working as an events manager in London.

Nikko is married to Jade and they have 2 boys: Jock 2 and Sandy 4mth.

Nikko manages the Lord Pastoral business.


Our business is made up of a number of properties:

  • Sutherland: 29,100Ha
  • East Creek: 43,512Ha
  • New Water: 26,900Ha
  • Camroo, Tambo:  9,716Ha
  • Runnymede: 16,000Ha
  • Woodstock Station: 154,000Ha

Ardie and Kacie have a 40% share in the Lord & Penna Partnership (LPP).

Gerard & Linda Penna are partners in LPP & manage the LPP business . They live at Woolthorpe, Aramac.

LPP owns Woolthorpe at Aramac. 45,748ha.

Bayrick at Tambo.  14574ha. Managed by Kim & Melissa Iland. They run approximately 4,000 head of cattle.


A. Grass production
B. Cattle (20000 hd)
C. Sheep (200hd)
D. Hay production (between 10-20,000 per annum)
E. Irrigation: 100ha
F. Contract fencing business

A. Grass Production

Sutherland comprises 7727 ha of forest country - i.e. sandy bauhinia / flooded gidyea country which has been pulled and sown to buffel. 12 years ago we put in a grazing system called “cell grazing “on this part of Sutherland. Cell grazing is an intensive system of rotational grazing utilizing the tools of “stock density, feed utilization and rest “to enhance natural eco systems”. We have a mob of up to 1200 hd in a paddock of roughly 200 ha. These cattle are moved every 3 to 4 days, depending on feed availability etc.

Another 16000 ha of open Mitchell grass downs country is divided up into 250 ha paddocks and we use rotational grazing on these paddocks.

All water in the above areas is delivered through troughs and supplements are delivered into the troughs via water medication units.

The last 6000 ha are also open Mitchell grass downs country, divided into 3 paddocks and watered by a flowing bore.

B. Cattle

The herd is a Brahman cross herd. We focus on speed of production, adaptability and temperament.

We run a 2000 hd breeder herd on East Creek which is 120 km north of Sutherland.

East Creek is a 43000ha property, commonly described as ‘gulf breeder country’ which is sandy tea tree / clay pan spinifix country.

New Water is also gulf breeder country and runs about 1200 hd.

Woodstock Station  141750 ha joins New Waters western and northern boundaries and runs about 8000hd.

All 3 are managed from  Sutherland at this point . Once a manger is appointed for Woodstaock those properties will be run from Woodstock, with the occasional help of the Sutherland staff.

All weaners  from both properties come back to Sutherland  are fed in the yards for 3 to 4 days during which time they are broken in to dogs and taught to come off pressure and generally quietened. The steer portion of the weaners is kept here for up to 3 months then sent to Camroo at Tambo or on agistment.. We are basically nomadic with our steer herd, going wherever the grass is. As well as breeding our steers we also buy up to 1000 steers every year. These are also run on agistment wherever it can be found.

First and second calf heifers are kept here. Once they are proven breeders, i.e. must have reared a live calf by their 3rd birthday, they are sent north.

Pregnancy testing is a regularly used management tool.  All weaner steers are compudosed before going away on agistment, bulls are given singvac and a dose of vibrio, and all breeders are singvaced annually.

C. Sheep

Since the formation of Lord and Penna we have sold all of our sheep. The only sheep remaining at Sutherland are 300 head which are used for eating and training our kelpies.  

D. Hay Production

Depending on the wet season we produce between 10-20’000 round bales of naturally grown flinders grass hay.  We have our own hay making equipment  and a backpacker employed to stack the hay and load it onto trucks.

E. The Lord and Penna Business 

Is a separately run business, managed by one of the Lord & Penna partners.

Livestock Management

All mustering is done on motorbikes; quietly and slowly with the expectation of causing as little stress to animals and people as possible.  Our primary aim is that any contact with animals is to be done with respect for them and that the “low stress stock handling” principles be applied at all times.

The People

The most important aspect of Sutherland is the people we work with.  We spend more time with the people we work with than we do with our friends so to us it makes sense to surround ourselves with people whose company we enjoy. We have tried to create an environment where people care and show respect for each other and where conflict, should it arise, are dealt with in an adult manner.

We run Sutherland in a Team Management style, with everyone attending the weekly meetings.Everyone is expected  to come to these meetings with an agenda of items that they would like discussed at the meeting, jobs they feel need doing in their responsibility area or social events that they may need time off for.  If we all practice open honest adult communication we are many steps closer to achieving our vision of a happy and productive life at Sutherland.

It is important to us that people have personal goals and that coming to Sutherland is going to help them achieve those goals.  We have a great deal to offer here, from a very high level herd management program, to pasture management, to learning to work effectively as a team. However we can only create an environment it is the personal responsibility of each person to make the very best of all Sutherland has to offer.


We try to provide a learning environment at Sutherland where all individuals can develop skills to achieve key outcomes for themselves and Sutherland. Outside training is also encouraged and because understanding animals is a big part of our herd management.


We have a house a 2 story family style house.  We also have “singles” accommodation which is an 8 bedroom ex sharers’ quarters commonly known as the Stump.  We also have a guest house available for visiting family members of staff, affectionately know as the West Wing and a 3 bedroom cottage 1 km form the compound  which is als  family style accomodation.

Farm Safety

We have a farm safety program in place and on your arrival at we will take you through all our “safety expectations” but any program is only as good as the people who implement it. Thinking safely must become a part of our everyday lives. Sunscreen goggles helmets gloves etc will all be provided. It is your choice to use them or not. Every vehicle must carry water (everyone here uses back packs for carrying water when mustering).

At no time is any one to leave the compound with out letting some one know where they are going and if you are working by your self you must ensure that the 2 way in the vehicle is working or take a radio with you.

We are very happy to discuss any new safety measures you think may enhance our existing safety program.

Future Challenges

Having now set up a fairly productive system here our greatest challenge is to find the right people to run the system and run a profitable business.

Ardie and I both want to continue living at Sutherland but want to step back to more strategic roles instead of the very “hands on” roles we have at present.

Sutherland & Runnymede

Managed by Nikko and Jade Lord based at Sutherland

Nikko: Mob: 0428 356 297
Jade: Mob: 0428 137 842
Office (07) 47 418 676

Woodstock, East Creek & New water Stations

Managed by Sam McGrath based at Woodstock

Office (07) 47 418 648

Camroo Downs

Managed by Kim & Mellissa Iland based at Bayrick

Kim: Mob: 0429008934
Melissa: Mob: 0428203887
Office (07) 46549304


Managed by Linda Penna

Linda: Mob: 0427 510 430

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