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Lord Pastoral was founded by Ardie and Kacie Lord in 1984. In recent years their son Nikko & his wife Jade have come into the business expending with their own land leased back to Lord Pastoral. The business is operated as a family business of Brahman x beef cattle and hay production with a strong focus on surrounding ourselves with people who are committed to a career on the land and encouraging in our future generations. We beleive in a holistic approach to acheive our vision on our love for the land and animals.

A champion team beats a team of champions.

Sutherland & Runnymede

Managed by Ardie and Kacie Lord based at Sutherland

Ardie: (07) 47 418 748 | Mob: 0428 418 676
Kacie: (07) 47 418 676 | Mob: 0427 104 157

Woodstock, East Creek & Newwater Stations

Managed by Nikko and Jade Lord based at Woodstock

Nikko: Mob: 0428 356 297 | Office (07) 47 418 648
Jade: Mob: 0428 137 842

Camroo Downs

Managed by Kim & Mellissa Iland based at Bayrick

Kim: Mob: 0429008934 | Office (07) 46549304
Melissa: Mob: 0428203887

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